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About Chuxiong Normal University

Chuxiong Normal University is located in the city of Chuxiong on the central tableland of Yunnan province. It is one of the only two Yi minority autonomous prefectures among the 30 national minority autonomous prefectures. Chuxiong Yi prefecture administers 9 counties, 1 municipality and 128 towns. It includes an area of 29,258 square kilometers which is located in a 95% mountainous region. There are 26 nationalities in the total population of 2.54 million, of which 31.3% are minority nationalities and 25.2% are Yi nationalities. CNU is the only university of Chuxiong Yi prefecture. It is also one of the three local teacher universities among the 16 prefectures in Yunnan province. CNU was built on the base of Chuxiong Teachers College, which started in 1978. Through more than 20 years' construction, it has made great achievements in teaching, scientific research and social service. 

CNU continues to grow each year. Approved by the State Education Ministry in May 2001, the former Chuxiong Teachers College and Chuxiong Normal School merged into one in order to build a university dominated by bachelor's degree programs. In the past two years, CNU developed from a college with only 9 departments, 11 associate-degree programs into a university with 13 departments, 14 bachelor's degree programs and 17 associate-degree programs now. In 2002, CNU began to admit students from five other provinces besides Yunnan. By the time of March 2003, CNU owns 4400 full-time students. CNU has also opened the distance education and adult education with about 20 programs for more than 6000 registered students. The total number of the faculty and staff of CNU is 553, of whom 336 are teachers, 9 professors, 25 visiting professors, 107 associate professors, 160 lecturers, and 4 international teachers.

At present, the university includes an area of both old and new campuses with 104 acres. The old campus covers 46 acres. The old campus is famous for one of the eight “Lucheng Scenic Spots” since winding paths, greens trees and meadows, cherry roads are neatly arranged on the sloping campus. On Yanta hill, the ancient pagoda implied as a “Chinese Writing Brush” is widely known and called “the Pearl of Yi Prefecture” by visitors and specialists at home and from other provinces. The new campus has an area of 59 acres, which is still under the construction. The teaching facilities are worth 18.6 million yuan. The library of CNU owns 400,000 books. The university has set up a computer net that is connected to the INTERNET and the CERNET (the Chinese Education and Research Net). CNU campus is equipped with multi-functional facilities, such as multimedia classrooms, research labs, musical instrument practice rooms, art studios, gymnastic halls, volleyball, basketball and football fields, and a standard-sized swimming pool.

CNU is facing great challenges in education reform since China entered WTO. It drives to improve the quality and effectiveness of the teaching and its other educational activities. CNU expects sincerely to cooperate with the universities both at home and abroad. CNU employs international teachers to teach English courses and encourages experts and scholars to come to give lectures or to conduct their scientific research. In the past ten years, CNU has employed international teachers from the west, and has received more than 100 British and American college student visitors. The teaching and visiting not only make CNU known to the outer world but has also helped more international friends get a better understanding of the university and the area, Chuxiong Yi Prefecture.

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